Chandrababu Didn’t Forget Promise To Farmers

June 21, 2016 at 6:19 am

The formation of Telangana dealt a deadly blow to the state of Andhra Pradesh and they are now dealing with the formation of a new capital in Amaravathi. As part of that, the farmers have generously given away their fertile lands.

But in return, they were promised plots which is yet to happen. Sources say the Capital Regional Development Authority (CRDA) is doing some delay in giving the lands. With this, the farmers are quite annoyed and agitated.
However, sources close to Chandrababu Naidu have revealed the CM has not forgotten anything and he has looked at it as priority. So, very soon he is going to fulfill his promise to the farmers. Let us wish everything happens as promised.

Chandrababu Didn’t Forget Promise To Farmers
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