Media Talk: Two Letter Drama By SEC?

March 20, 2020 at 12:30 pm

“Everything encompassing the letter by the State Election Commissioner is by all accounts suspicious and michievous!”, shouted an official in top administration of a media house.

When requested to clarify, he proceeded, “After the letter began making adjusts just a few channels made all endeavors to make it infiltrated in to people in general. At the point when we attempted to arrive at SEC to take the affirmation, every one of his mobiles were turned off. For what reason would he accomplish something to that effect if the letter was not phony? We speculated that and proceeded with endeavors to contact him. Yet, in the interim, ANI announced that SEC affirmed that, “that” letter was not composed by him. So our doubt turned out to be valid. It is a wrongdoing submitted in the organization of certain media gatherings”.

He additionally included, “Yet shockingly when RTI lobbyist got the data that the Home Ministry has really gotten a letter from SEC Nimmagadda Ramesh Kumar, suppositions for a minute flipped around. In any case, what we finish up now is there could be really two letters in the scene. We think there may have been two adaptations; one for Union Home Ministry and the other one for media. Letter to the Union Home Ministry would have been a short one looking for security, though the media form outfitted with slanderous assault on YSRCP. Knowing this, the SEC would have kept away from media calls with the dread of inquiries going in the substance of the letter”.

When asked how might we down the window ornament on this contention, the media head finished up saying, “Admirably, if the RTI can give the total letter got by the Union Home Ministry from Nimmagadda Ramesh Kumar, all the pretense will be cleared. We can coordinate that with the one coursed in media to affirm”.

Media Talk: Two Letter Drama By SEC?
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