Bandla Ganesh infected with coronavirus

June 20, 2020 at 3:33 am

Popular producer Bandla Ganesh has been idle and he hasn’t signed any big-budget film. With all the actors and directors occupied with enough work, Bandla Ganesh is struggling to sign a big-budget film. He is listening to scripts and is spending ample time working on films. As per the latest news, Bandla Ganesh is tested positive with coronavirus. He is the first celebrity from Telugu cinema to be tested positive with the virus.

Bandla Ganesh lives in a gated community in Filmnagar. He travels to Shadnagar for his poultry farm business. The ace producer may have been infected with coronavirus in the poultry farm. Coronavirus tests are conducted to his family members and the results are awaited. As of now, Bandla Ganesh and his family is in home quarantine. The young producer is tightlipped and did not respond about the infection.

Bandla Ganesh infected with coronavirus
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