Congress Shocks At Modi’s Horoscope

March 20, 2020 at 12:33 pm

Sources said Congressmen are profoundly desirous of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s horoscope.

They wonder what’s in the prophetic situation that appears to rescue him at whatever point his legislature is in a difficult situation.

Banks slamming, economy falling, collective viciousness and afterward, said a Congress head, coronavirus goes along to avoid any responsibility on. Trust the PM to transform an emergency into a chance.

To begin with, he drove the SAARC activity. Next, he pulled up BJP MPs for requesting parliament be deferred immediately as a result of the pandemic. Absolutely not, he said. It will finish up on the booked April 3 date.

Not so the administration has arranged any significant business. In any case, Modi needs parliament to motion toward the nation that government officials are not apprehensive.

Congress Shocks At Modi’s Horoscope
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