Suryakantam Movie Review

March 29, 2019 at 2:04 pm
Suryakantam Movie Review
Mega girl Niharika Konidela is desperate of success but the actress is yet to taste the one big hit. She pinned all her hopes on Suryakantam, a rom-com that revolves around her role. Rahul Vijay and Perlene Bhesania are the other lead actors in the film. Pranit is making his directorial debut with this romantic drama and Sandeep Yerram reddy, Srujan Yarabolu, Ram Naresh are the producers. Suryakantam is releasing across the globe today and here is the complete review of the film.
Suryakantam is all about a fun loving girl Suryakantam (Niharika) who gets confused after being proposed. Abhi (Rahul Vijay) turns her close pal and one fine day, she vanishes from his life after he proposer her. After a long wait, Abhi decides to get married to Pooja (Perlene Bhesania) and Suryakantam returns back making things puzzled. The rest of Suryakantam is all about Abhi’s love story and whom he marries in this game. Watch Suryakantam to know about the entire story.
Niharika and Rahul Vijay
Production Values
Emotional Drama
Predictable story
Slow second half
Climax makes the film clumsy
Boring episodes
Niharika scores full marks for her performance and energetic performance throughout the film. She tops the show with her screen presence and her comic timing is superb. Rahul Vijay is apt and he will stay here for a long time if he chooses interesting roles. Perlene Bhesania too has been decent and she performed well in her assignment. All the other actors have been good and convincing.
Suryakantam has a pale script which is predictable and boring. The emotional content during the second half looks ok. The songs, background score and the cinematography work stands out in the film. The production values have been shockingly grand enough. The director Pranit has been decent with his work.
Suryakantam is one more disappoint from Niharika though the film offers some good entertainment. Pale plot and the predictable narration are the drawbacks.
Rating: 2.5/5
Suryakantam Movie Review
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