Yatra movie Review

February 8, 2019 at 10:57 am
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Legendary AP politician YS Rajasekhar Reddy’s biopic  titled Yatra has released today. Mahi V Raghav directed the film and Malayalam Superstar Mammootty is the lead actor. The film has been focused majorly on the foot march initiated by YSR in united Andhra Pradesh. 70mm Entertainments are the producers. Here is the complete review of the film.
Yatra is the film that is focused on the padayatra that is started by YSR after he was puzzled to know about what people wanted. The film starts in 2003 and narrated about the 60 days padayatra of YSR and his interaction with the people. He comes to know about their problems and gets a clarity on what people wants. It is during this time, he finds paths to face TDP and its alliances. The rest of Yatra is all about how YSR dethrones TDP and brings Congress to power in united Andhra Pradesh in 2004. Watch Yatra to know about the film.
Mammootty’s performance
TDP Vote for Note Comedy Track
Precise and sharp Dialogues
First Half
Slow paced second half
Mammooty carries the entire film on his shoulders and he should be appreciated for his transformation as YSR. After the first five minutes, Mammootty looks and sounds exactly like YSR in the film. Ashritha Vemuganti is a perfect find for YS Vijayamma and she looks decent in the role. Rao Ramesh is the other highlight of the film and he reprises the role of KVP Ramachandra Rao in the film. Jagapathi Babu surprises as Raja Reddy and as usual he delivers out his best for the role. All the other actors have been decent in their roles.
YSR defending a constable who accepts bribe inorder to educate his son came out well and received immense applause.
Another heart touching scene was YSR asks his p.a to sit along with him for lunch with few other senior congress politicians exhibits the real personality of Sri YSR.

Yatra has a impactfull emotional drama. The screenplay has been decent but the second half should be penned better. The music and the cinematography work stands out in this film. The production values have been top notch and Mahi V Raghav has been decent with his work. Throughout the film we see a leader who stands for the people without greed for the power or for the chair.

Movie comes to an end with a video showing famous YSR’s political speeches, his sudden demise and how his son YS Jagan carries YSR’s dreams forward.
Perfect Tribute to a Perfect Leader.
 Rating : 4/5
Yatra movie Review
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