Donald Trump Changes his Words After Going to the US

February 27, 2020 at 11:02 am

US President Donald Trump who named Prime Minister Narendra Modi as his closest companion has changed his voice and words once he stepped on the US soil. Back in India, he said the US cherishes India and he prefers the way of life of our nation.

“I have a decent condition with Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan as well. They (Pakistan) are attempting to control cross-outskirt fear based oppression,” President Trump said.

“Kashmir clearly is a major issue among India and Pakistan. They are going to work out their concern. They have been doing it for quite a while,” he said.

His remarks have caused a buzz concerning why he can change his stand once he left India.

Addressing media in India his remarks on India-Pak relations have additionally raised numerous eyeballs.

“We rambled about it today. I said I will do whatever I can do to help as my relationship with both men of their word (PM Modi and Pakistan PM Imran Khan) is so good…Anything I can do to intercede/help, I’d do. They (Pakistan) are taking a shot at Kashmir,” President Trump said.

Donald Trump Changes his Words After Going to the US
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