TDP fell into self-defense

March 24, 2017 at 11:01 am

Assembly sessions in the newly constructed building don’t seem to bring a good sign to the ruling TDP party. The ruling party led by diplomatic and oratory leaders like CBN, Yanamal and high pitch noise leaders like Bonda Uma, Devineni Uma, and Achenna Naidu have failed to counter the opposition.

Earlier assembly session has witnessed debates on routine controversies with criticisms and counter criticism by sidelining the critical issues. The issues like Agri Gold and Speaker Kodela comments on women have brought uproar in the assembly by the opposition leaders. The ruling TDP government could have let the issue go by strategic diversion. The extra efforts made by the ruling party leaders to counter the opposition with strong comments have finally landed in challenging each other for resignations.

Telugu daily newspaper Sakshi owned by opposition leader have carried series of articles on Minister Prathipati Pulla Rao involvement in Agri Gold scam has brought an uproar in assembly by both the parties. The accused minister have agreed for inquiry with assembly privilege committee and challenged the opposition leader to resign if he comes out clean.

Yanamala Rama Krishnudu oratory skills have lost logic in diverting the issue to sakshi articles on speaker Kodela and asking the assembly committee to take action against sakshi daily.The entire session has created some artificial seriousness by the ruling party which is very much visible to common man.

Ruling party leaders have made a self-goal and the result is the upper hand by the opposition. Lack of coordination, overconfidence, and relaxation of TDP leaders have resulted in the poor show.


TDP fell into self-defense
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