Is T-Hub Not A Successful Venture ?

July 7, 2016 at 7:33 pm
The much hyped new generation of IT wave in Hyderabad may not be that rosy as predicted. Telangana IT minister KTR wanted to leverage the dominant status of Hyderabad as an Information Technology hub but again now things are becoming clear.
In this regard, Telangana government started T-hub as a shining example of how IT field will keep flourishing in Hyderabad after bifurcation too. But now there are reports indicating that one of India’s largest start ups is not progressing well as expected.
Many start up companies are unable to survive and are shutting the shop. Those who are trying to survive are downsizing operations due to high costs and lack of proper support systems. This is not a good news for Telangana at all.
Is T-Hub Not A Successful Venture ?
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