Airline Cashes ‘Kabali’ Mania

June 18, 2016 at 5:18 am

There are different forms of promotion that take place when big star movies are on the anvil. However, what is happening right now is something beyond comprehension. One airline has come up with a special offer.

This is for those who hail from Bangalore. Well, a company called Travel More has tied up Air Asia and they have given a package which involves to and fro from Bangalore to Chennai, one audio CD of the movie ‘Kabali’ and the film’s merchandise.

Not only that, they are also going to give you the movie ticket along with lunch and snacks. Though it is not a free offer, if you are a hardcore Rajini fan you are sure to enjoy the whole experience. Let us see how many avail this offer.

Airline Cashes ‘Kabali’ Mania
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