Lack of ideology for political parties!

April 13, 2017 at 5:19 am

It’s very common that public expects something from the elected governments on the basis of poll promises which they have made a part of efficient, clean governing and social security. Any failure by the government to keep the poll promises is actually a responsibility rather than an opportunity for the opposition.

In opportunistic politics, political parties tend to take the political advantage of the issue rather than battling for people to provide the solution for the same.

The base of the political party and its existence or survival is based on the ideology behind it and the actions of the political party reflect the ideology. Whether we like it or not, take an example of communist parties and their ideology is to bring economic equality and fight for the poor.  The actions of the communist parties are in alignment with their ideology.

Two reasons why governments are been elected one is Anti-Incumbency, in which people are vexed with the existing government and given power to the opposition with no other choice. In the second one, people have gained the confidence of the opposition as they fought hard for public issues with and really stood as a guard of the people. The impact of second reason is much stronger and lasts long.

Today we see the failure of governments in keeping the poll promises and providing efficient and clean governing and the failure of opposition in “questioning and fighting the right way”.

Today we see the lack of an ideological base for the political parties which leave them no route map or plan to fight for a cause and the public cannot make one single opinion on the parties like the way the common man says the “communist fight for the poor”. The impact of taking the ideology to the public is so strong that they don’t need to give a tagline for the political party or ideology.

Any deviation from the ideology is a failure and maligned soul of the political party.

Lack of ideology for political parties!
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