2 Countries Movie Review

December 30, 2017 at 9:46 am
2 Countries Movie Review

Talented Tollywood actor Sunil has been desperately waiting to taste success. The actor’s next film 2 Countries released all over today and is the remake of Malayalam blockbuster 2 Countries.  N Shankar directed the movie and Sunil, Manisha Raj played the lead roles. The film has been carrying decent expectations and here is the complete review of the film:


2 Countries is all about Ullas Kumar (Sunil) and Laya (Manisha Raj). While Ullas borrows money from people and never returns back, Laya returns back from USA. Ullas and Laya are childhood friends and they meet back after years. Impressed with Ullas, Laya gets married to him after a series of incidents. But the duo soon parts ways and Laya flies back to USA. The rest of 2 Countries is all about how Ullas manages to meet her again and solves clears all the problems. Watch 2 Countries to know about the rest.


2 Countries disappoints throughout the first half and the patience of the audience will be tested literally. With some boring, predictable and outdated episodes throughout, 2 Countries is a complete misfire. Though Sunil and Manisha manage to perform well, the first half of 2 Countries offers nothing interesting. The interval episode looks decent and couple of songs have been shot well. The entertainment too has been quite old fashioned and reminds the audience of old films.

 After a terrible first half, the second half looks decent for some time. The film has been shot in lavish locales of USA and the songs have been decent. The film dips down soon and turns completely predictable as it passes. The last half an hour of 2 Countries has been decent but makes no impact. 2 Countries is one of the worst films that released this year. The director failed to convince the audience and it offers nothing.


Sunil as usual has been decent and delivered out his best for the movie. He has been extremely energetic and impressive throughout. Manisha Raj is sure here to stay and she looks natural in the assigned role. Her expressions have been top notch and Manisha has a stunning screen presence. Shayaji Shinde, Srinivas Reddy, Prudhvi and Raja Ravindra impress the audience with their performances in 2 Countries.

The story of 2 Countries looks clumsy and completely outdated. The screenplay and the dialogues make no impact as they have not been penned well. The music has been ok and the songs have been shot well. The cinematography makes the film look lavish and colorful. The editing has been decent and the makers invested huge on the film as it has been shot in lavish locales in USA. N Shankar steps out with one more film that disappoints the audience big time.


2 Countries is one of the biggest disappointments in the recent times and is a film that can be given a huge skip. Sunil needs to wait for one more film to test his luck at the box-office.

Rating: 2/5

2 Countries Movie Review
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