Aithe 2.0 movie review

March 16, 2018 at 10:01 am
Aithe 2.0 movie review

Let me sprint right to the point: Aithe 2.0 has it all. Raj Madiraju’s masterful Techno Thriller is unlike any other, featuring outstanding performances from new faces, breathtaking screenplay and memorable songs.

The plot is merely functional. Four unemployed engineering graduates who fall in the eyes Avinash Ganguly, CEO of Multinational Bank AmBank for their work on revolutionary Banking Application worth billions of dollars. They invest their brains and hearts to develop the idea only to realize that they are deceived by the bank.

That’s the conflict, and the signal to unleash the cyber war against AmBank and Avinash Ganguly. Due to the sparkling script from director and writer and in no small part to a tremendous performance from Indraniel Sen Gupta as Avinash Ganguly. Speaking of Avinash Ganguly, and it’s hard not to, bring on a shower of praise for Indraneil Sep Gupta. The role demands intuition, wit and power, and Indraniel brings it.

Abhishek, Kartavya, Mrunal and Neeraj are the newcomers to the screen. Life is Beautiful fame Zara Shah and Mridanjali just don’t come around songs but are there in every scene. As a pack of 6, all of them give power packed performances and match up the intensity of Indraniel. There is certainly humor in Aithe 2.0’s complex cinematic DNA. The technical language is made easy for the audience with various humorous dialogues.

Perhaps the most incredible part of this movie is Cyber war, not typically known in Telugu films, takes off in second half, has arguably made the best techno movie of Telugu Cinema. Coming to the technical side Director Raj Madiraju also wrote screeplay. The story is simple with complex layers on hacking. The screenplay pulls of the magic which the story lacks. Arun Chiluveru, the music director of the film, has given exciting songs. He sets the mood up for the film with his background music. Editing in the first half concentrates on telling a story and lacks pace but picks up from very first minute of the second half. Cinematography is fairly acceptable, we find many shots which could have done better. The production values are OKAY for a film like this.

Rating – 3 / 5

Aithe 2.0 movie review
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