Suriya, A Big Threat To Vikram Career!

May 18, 2016 at 8:52 am

South Indian hero Vikram is known for donning variety characters in films; and he does it differently, winning rave reviews from critics. But now, his career is not so shining. With a string of flops under his belt, the craze among the audiences is also on the decline.

Moreover, Vikram is facing new challenges in experimenting with variety roles. Especially, he is facing tough competition from co-star Suriya, who has thrown a new challenge to him with his latest blockbuster film 24. He has taken the hero character to a different level; especially, the character of Athreya was outstanding.

Even before 24, Suriya was a great artiste. But after this latest film, he has risen to a higher level. Hitherto, such roles were played exceptionally well by Vikram. Now, Suriya has emerged as an alternative for directors.

Though Vikram is a hardworking character, he has lost craze among the audiences due to a series of flops and for them, Suriya has become a better choice. Both the heroes have come closer to Telugu audiences with their roles in Siva Putrudu.

Now, Vikram’s dubbed films in Telugu have no takers. Will he regain his lost glory?

Suriya, A Big Threat To Vikram Career!
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