Mahesh Well Ahead In Promoting His Film!

May 18, 2016 at 8:57 am

Usually, Telugu film heroes take part in promotional events only after their films are released. The real hungama begins on the day of the film is released; the entire team of artistes and technicias make beeline to the television channels to promote their film among the audiences.

However, charming hero Mahesh Babu has chosen a different route. For his latest film ‘Brahmotsavam’, he started the promotional activities six days ahead of the release.

The film is going to be released on coming Friday, but Mahesh started the promotion of the film last Saturday itself. He gave interviews to various television channels well in advance.

Everybody watched Mahesh interviews on almost every channel on Saturday and Sunday; and on Monday, all the newspapers covered exclusive interviews with the Prince, besides writing promotional articles for Brahmotsavam.

He cleverly planned the promotion, taking the audiences into the Brahmotsavam mood much ahead of its release.

Normally, whenever a film is released, there will be a lot of talk and discussion about it in all the media in the first three days. But Mahesh Babu’s film garnered all that publicity much before its release.

Not only Mahesh Babu, film’s lead actresses Samanta, Kajal and Praneetha also are lending their helping hand in promoting the film. All this promotion generally takes place only when the film is released, but the ‘Brahmotsavam’ unit has started it a week before developing a new promotional strategy, setting a new trend.

Mahesh Well Ahead In Promoting His Film!
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