Very Steady collections for Mega heroine

June 27, 2016 at 11:36 am

Niharika Konidela – Naga Shaurya starring OKA MANASU opened this Friday with very big openings across Telangana and AP. Though it got mixed reviews, the collections are very study in all the centres. Trade analysts say that the climax is making audience spread the positive word of mouth. Especially girls are so moved with the climax and coming out of theatres with tears. Naga shaurya and Niharika are getting big applause for their chemistry and individual performance.

Especially lovers are going crazy about the dialogues like,

“Nee meedha prema chavadhu, inkokari meedha prema puttadhu”,

“Premaku chaavu ledhantaaru kadha, Mari chachentha prema elaa puduthundhi..?”

“Evarekkuva..? naanna ? nenaa?”

Youth is spreading the positive word in social media like FB and Twitter, and it’s in turn helping the movie to keep the collections steady.  Generally for any movie, Monday matinee is the acid test and hope it passes the test successfully

Very Steady collections for Mega heroine
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