Bahubali Star Prabhas’s favorite cars can leave your eyes wide open

January 2, 2019 at 6:34 am

Cars are dreamt by almost everyone. Stars which sparkle our eyes and reign hearts also get hooked to this craze of having the best luxury cars in India. In the article, we will describe in some most amazing cars of all times owned by our very own  Prabhas aka “Baahubali”.

As unique as his choice of selecting movies is his selection of cars. He drives three extravagant cars which can make one eye sparkle, thanks to the cost and the luxury the car offers. A peep into his outlandish car choice indicates him to be a vigorous admirer of only high-end vehicles. Here is the list of cars driven by the very own Baahubali;

Jaguar XJL

An incredible car,  which has vanquished a million hearts while being an ideal exemplification of class, panache, and artfulness. Be hypnotized by the finesse of the famous ‘deadly jaguar’ identified as the brand logo of Jaguar. Prabhas was head over heels in affection with the excellence of the monster XJL and made it a piece of his ever well known extraordinary carport. The XJL displays a top-notch comfort with its huge and tremendous measurements kindness the threatening face forthright together with the wide work radiator grille and Jaguar’s conspicuous headlamp eyeshot.

The Jaguar XJL car is like roofline converging with the boot that makes for a brilliant sight. Alongside, the grand 19 inch Toba combination wheels a compliment to an entire display.

The side view of the car is an ideal mix of liveliness as well as class. The backside of the Jaguar XJL consists of strong jumping feline signage and emotional styling which raises the X factor remainder impressively.

The outer looks of the car will Raise your energy levels as it is embedded with modern and newest technological advancement which definitely excite you. The scrupulousness levels of the car from inside is basically astounding and allures one minus all potential limitations. In addition to this, the fantastic cowhide material joined on the seats makes the tenants feel magnificent as well as imperial. Jaguar cars are known as the best luxury cars in India.

The back seat encounter is merely unmatched with its plushness and casings comfort. Jaguar cars genuinely make someone feel superb and favored.

The Jaguar XJL gets a major heart as a bellwether. It consists of a 3litre V6 diesel motor which produces a monstrous 275 bhp and 600 Nm of torque. As it is a malleable cruiser, the Jaguar XJL has massive ability to seem to be a spry and fiery entertainer. The jumping feline clearly inspires an emotional response with its vigorous image darlings with Prabhas being one of them and the performing artist’s remarkable love for Jaguar is a proof of his fruitful possession involvement with the vehicle.


“Some days, nothing truly beats a decent drive.”

This statement genuinely manifests an individual’s pie in the sky stretch with a BMW. A dream ride for some vehicle aficionados, the BMW takes the crown for being a king with regards to sheer driving delight and class driving elements along with dexterity.

A short stretch with the BMW is certain to add to the furious energy of an individual and what superior to the macho X5 SUV.

The South Indian Actor is a glad proprietor of the past age (codenamed E70) of the X5 SUV and adores all of it while cruising around the city. Bliss essentially has no substitute when a BMW fills your heart with joy in obvious Bavarian style. Brand new BMW X5 meets the exact expectations of the customers. BMW cars are the best premium cars in India.

The BMW X5 etched outside styling alongside a straightforward oversimplified inside lodge format is undoubtedly an ideal hit with BMW fans.

It produced 235bhp alongside 520Nm of torque and mated to a fiery six-speed programmed gearbox.

BMW’s slogan of sheer driving joy is reaffirmed when one encounters the ballistic flood of intensity from the X5’s colossal motor.

The best part about the BMW cars is that it is embedded with the perfect standards with its class driving deftness and elements that genuinely separate it from the challenge.

Euphoria gets all-new importance when one has a significant tryst with the BMW. The South Indian Actor has in fact discovered a deep-rooted partner in the brand new BMW X5 that gives him a luxurious experience when he drives it.

Rolls Royce Phantom

The unmatched most loved British extravagance car mark, Rolls Royce is the zenith for extreme extravagance and modernity. The brand is loved worldwide for outliving all courses of events alongside engendering the English legacy and culture.

It is an acclaimed item portfolio coaxes which acknowledge long periods of commitment and diligent work to produce the best four wheel models that have for sure scripted a part in the history books.

The one model from the Rolls Royce stable that earns huge regard and profound respect from vigorous brand sweethearts and vehicle devotees is without a doubt the tremendous and glorious Phantom. It is a vehicle that guzzles all of Rolls Royce specialized know-how and sharpness. Rolls Royce Phantom is among the best luxurious cars.

This car is being an image of accomplishment and wonder. It is a fantasy to possess and for Prabhas, dream transformed into reality when he at long last made Phantom a piece of his regularly developing fascinating carport.

The Phantom’s colossal outside sees an individual and be it an edge. Car lovers are unquestionably going to appreciate the craftsmanship, and creative bowed of the brain of the English architects.

The excellence of the vast chrome completed radiator grille to the monster side length and the noteworthy plan of the composite wheels undoubtedly look honorable.

The Phantom really realizes how to spoil the tenants and remembering this, the people at Rolls Royce have given all regard for minutest of subtleties. Stunning isn’t it! The dashboard of the car joins one of the best wood materials accordingly raising the plushness factor.

The seats hide you in outrageous solace as well as style amid a long whimsical excursion. The back seat plan with a large group of fancy odds and ends alongside the customization choices is really a what tops off an already good thing. This brand new car is among the top list of best luxurious cars wherein it is embedded with premium quality seats which makes your ride much comfortable.

The titanic Phantom gets a tremendous 6.75L, V12, Longitudinal motor that puts out 460 bhp and 720 Nm of torque mated to a six-speed programmed transmission. The basin heaps of intensity, in reality, makes its essence felt when one is in a disposition to remove some genuine fun from this vehicle. A slight spot on the throttle sends the Phantom flooding ahead with most extreme criticalness, achieved in the most affable and modern way.

The hatchback is the encapsulation of incomparable magnificence and lavishness. This brand new car is amongst the most looked for after furious assets of the South Indian Actor that genuinely depicts his affections for the imperial British Car creator.

It just demonstrates how diligent function, devotion, as well as responsibility yields, wanted outcomes. Bahubali has most likely vanquished our brains and hearts.


Source : Autoportal

Bahubali Star Prabhas’s favorite cars can leave your eyes wide open
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