Turkish remake for Raj Tarun

March 11, 2019 at 1:51 pm
Turkish remake for Raj Tarun
Young and promising actor Raj Tarun needs a huge hit to bounce back and stand in the race in Tollywood. After a series of disasters, the actor took a break and slowed down. Impressed with a Turkish film, Raj Tarun decided to remake it and approached Dil Raju with the film. The top producer too loved the concept and asked Raj Tarun to come up with the complete draft to take the final call.
Raj Tarun and his team are busy adapting the film to suit the Telugu audience. The regular shoot will commence later this year and Raj Tarun will take no remuneration for the project. Raju promised a handsome cheque if the film ends up as a massive hit. The film will be made on a strict budget and will release this year. More details about the project will be officially announced.
Turkish remake for Raj Tarun
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