Pawan Kalyan has a shock for Krish

January 9, 2020 at 12:13 pm

Sensible director Krish has been struggling for the right commercial hit after the debacles of Manikarnika and NTR biopic. He took a long break for almost a year and penned a social periodic drama. He soon met Pawan Kalyan and narrated it to him. Pawan Kalyan loved the theme and the way Krish narrated the script. Krish was all thrilled and he completed the script work of the film soon.

Now, he is waiting for the approval of Pawan Kalyan. The actor turned politician has not clarified anything to Krish which left him puzzled. With all the actors occupied with other films and Pawan Kalyan doing Pink remake, it is a really hard time for Krish. Pawan Kalyan will sure not start the project before summer as per the update and Krish turned restless after hearing the news. He is now in search of other options to start the project.

Pawan Kalyan has a shock for Krish
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