Malli Raava Movie Review

December 8, 2017 at 11:27 am
Malli Raave Movie Review

Young actor Sumanth is making his comeback after a while with Malli Raave on which he pinned all his hopes. Directed by Gowtham Thinnanuri, the movie is said to be a breezy romantic entertainer. Aakanksha Singh is the female lead and Rahul Yadav produced the movie. Malli Raava has been slated for release today. Here is the complete review of the movie.


Malli Raava is the story of Karthik (Sumanth) who falls in love with his childhood friend Anjali (Aakanksha). It is in ninth class, he expresses his love after which his parents reject his proposal. They meet again after 13 years and Karthik expresses his feeling for her. In a shocking move, Anjali rejects him and flies to USA. The rest of Malli Raava is all about why Anjali rejects Karthik and what happens next. Watch Malli Raava to know about the complete story.



Aakanksha Singh

Emotional content

Music and background score



 Slow narration


Dose of unwanted stuff

Second half



Sumanth is sure one of the finest actors of Telugu cinema. The actor has been outstanding in the assigned role and he did it with perfection. Aakanksha has been completely decent in the role and she performed well in emotional episodes. All the other actors delivered out their best in the movie. They have been apt in the assigned roles.

The story of Malli Raava looks decent but it is the screenplay which leaves the audience confused. The layer of the story which has dose of flashback has not been well written and the dialogues have been decent. The music and the background score are the major highlights of Malli Raava. The cinematography has been outstanding and the production values make the film look lavish. Gowtham Thinnanuri has been decent with his work.


Final Word:

Malli Raava is an emotional ride but unfortunately it lacks interesting narration. The slow pace and the confused screenplay makes the film fall flat. Sumanth and Aakanksha Singh shine in their assignments. 

 Rating: 2.5/5

Malli Raava Movie Review
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