Next Nuvve Movie Review

November 3, 2017 at 11:14 am
next nuvve movie review

Young actor Aadi Saikumar has been struggling for success and he is making his comeback with Next Nuvve after a decent break. Actor and host Prabhakar is making his debut as director with the film which is a horror comedy. Produced by V4 Movies, Next Nuvve is releasing across the globe today. Here is the complete review of the movie:


Next Nuvve is the story of Kiran (Aadi Saikumar) who is a struggling serial director. He buys a old palace and renovates it into a hotel along with his friends. Dreaming big in the industry, Kiran and his friends personally overlook at the hotel responsibilities. However all the customers who stay in their hotel die under unexpected and shocking instances. The rest of the movie is all about the mystery behind the old palace. Watch Next Nuvve to know about what happens next.


Next Nuvve is a huge misfire right from the first frame as it offers nothing new and fresh episodes. The entire film has been inspired from the past Indian horror comedies and it makes no impact. Though it offers some decent entertainment during the first half, that alone will not leave the audience impressed.After a decent first half, the second half of Next Nuvve dips down badly. Missing the major logic, the film gets deviated throughout and bounces back during the climax during which enough damage makes place. On the whole, the second half of Next Nuvve is a huge disappointment.


Aadi Saikumar has been hilarious with his comic timing and he tops the show. Brahmaji gets a full-length role assigned and he delivered out his best in the film. Rashmi Gautam manages to impress the masses and Raghu Babu has been decent as RGV in the film. All the other actors delivered out their best in the film.The story of Next Nuvve has nothing interesting and new to offer. The music and the background score look decent and the screenplay, dialogues have been ok. The cinematography is the major highlight of Next Nuvve and the production values looked lavish. Prabhakar steps out with an unconvincing script and his poor narration skills makes the film suffer throughout.


Next Nuvve is a film that can be given a skip this weekend as the film offers nothing new. Aadi Saikumar and Brahmaji have been exceptional with their comic timings.


Rating: 2/5

Next Nuvve Movie Review
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