Siddharth’s Gruham Movie Review & Rating

November 17, 2017 at 6:46 am

Young actor Siddharth is one of the most prominent South Indian actors. He is making his comeback to Telugu after a decent gap with his next outing Gruham  which is a horror thriller. Milind Rau directed the movie and Andrea, Atul Kulkarni played the other lead roles. Produced by Etaki Entertainments, the movie is hitting the screens today. Here is the complete review of the film.


Gruham is the story of Krishna (Siddharth) and his wife Lakshmi (Andrea) who live across the foothills of the Himalayas in a candid block. They get knocked by new neighbours Paul and his family who turn thick friends soon. Things change completely after Paul’s daughters Jenny and Sara feel horrifying attacks. The rest of Gruham is all about the evil and the real story behind the horror. Watch Gruham to know about the best.


The first half of Gruham is completely engaging and entertaining. It is a perfect mix of entertainment, romance and horror throughout. The film looks racy and takes the pace throughout. The interval episodes are completely horrifying that they leave a massive impact on the audience. On the whole, the first half of Gruham looks completely convincing.

The second half of Gruham has been completely based on horror and turns extremely serious. Though the film turns out boring for sometime, the curiosity has been well maintaind throughout the film. Some of the episodes have been completely horrifying and packs a puch. The performances and the technical aspects take the film to the next level. On the whole, the second half of Gruham has been horrifying.


Siddharth has been extremely impressive with his subtle performance in Gruham. He managed to impress during the climax episodes. Andrea looked decent and topped the show during the romantic episodes. Suresh, Atul Kulkarni and Muralidharan have been outstanding in their roles. All the other actors have been impressive and contributed well.

The story of Gruham has been inspired from many horror films but it is the gripping screenplay, which makes the audience curious till the last frame. The dialogues look decent and the production values looked outstanding. The cinematography has been top notch and the background score has been completely elevating. Milind Rau steps out with a decent work and Gruham  is sure an impressive horror thriller.

Final Word:

If you are fan of horror films, Gruham is sure a decent watch. Top performances and stupendous technicalities make Gruham a decent film to watch this weekend.

Gruham Movie Review: 3/5



Siddharth’s Gruham Movie Review & Rating
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