New Releases Disappoint!

August 20, 2016 at 2:32 pm

 This Friday the films which have released are struggling to impress audiences. There are reports that “Aatadukundam Raa” and “Chuttalabbayi” are getting negative talk and are facing big thumbs down.

The films reportedly couldn’t even register 50 percent openings. For Lovely Rocking Star Aadi “Chuttalabbayi” was very crucial due to the back to back flops he had been facing.

“Aatadukundam Raa” featuring Sushanth is being boosted by Akkineni fans, but its performance beyond the first weekend remains doubtful. It is a surprise to see Bicchagadu and Pellichopulu still doing well rather than new releases!


New Releases Disappoint!
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