Girls Fuming On Maruthi

July 3, 2016 at 8:42 am

Director maruthi is currently riding a success wave and many know that his earlier movies such as ‘Ee Rojullo’ ‘Bus Stand’ were somewhat controversial. Now, he has come up with another movie ‘Rojulu Marayi’ which got average talk.

More than that, it is being reported that girls are now fuming over Maruthi. The reason being, almost all his movies have that one track where a girl uses a boy for all his works in the name of love and then dumps him.

Showing girls in the bad light is not going well with the female gender. However, some say Maruthi coming up with it repeatedly goes to show either his personal experience or his close ones experience is prompting him to do that. It is not totally false though.

Girls Fuming On Maruthi
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