Thippara Meesam Motion picture Audit

November 8, 2019 at 12:44 pm

Youthful on-screen character Sree Vishnu who is enjoying some real success with the super achievement of Brochevarevaru Ra is back with one progressively inventive film Thippara Meesam. Krishna Vijay L coordinated this provincial performer and Rizwan Amusements delivered the film. Nikki Tamboli is the female lead and Rohini tried a critical job. Thippara Meesam is discharging over the globe today. Here is the finished audit of Thippara Meesam:


Thippara Meesam is the tale of Mani (Sree Vishnu) who is a medication someone who is addicted right from his school days. Lost with his conduct, his mom (Rohini) goes along with him in a recovery focus to escape from this stuff. Mani turns furious against his mom and starts detesting her. He loses Rs 30 lakhs in cricket wagering which turns as a tremendous cerebral pain for him. With tension building from the bookies, Mani chooses to play a game with his mom which lands them two in inconveniences. The remainder of the film is about how Mani takes care of every one of his issues and comprehends the torment of his mom. Watch Thippara Meesam to think about what occurs straightaway.


Sree Vishnu and his exhibition

Enthusiastic Peak


Story, Screenplay and Heading

Tunes and foundation score

Creation Esteems

Dull first half and exhausting second half


Sree Vishnu best the show and he is the main deliverer of Thippara Meesam. His presentation in the job of Mani is certain a new breath for the group of spectators who are anticipating an alternate job from him. Rohini who tried the job of Sree Vishnu’s mom is the other feature of the film. She exceeded expectations all through the film and she is faultless during the peak scenes. Nikki Tamboli has not a lot to paper and she has been not too bad. Ravi Prakash. Rama Rao and Ravi Varma carried out their responsibilities well. The various on-screen characters have been not too bad.

Thippara Meesam has no legitimate and persuading plot. The screenplay and exchanges also have been free and they have no effect. The foundation score and melodies have neither rhyme nor reason. The cinematography work looks better than average and the altering work is great. The creation esteems also are poor and the film’s quality looks very low. Krishna Vijay neglects to keep the crowd drawing in with Thippara Meesam.


Thippara Meesam is a film that comes up short on a drawing in plot and fascinating portrayal. If you don’t mind avoid this exhausting dramatization.

Rating : 1.5/5 

Thippara Meesam Motion picture Audit
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