A bunch of challenges for SS Rajamouli

June 18, 2020 at 2:29 pm

SS Rajamouli is always focused on work and he never prefers to sit idle. Rajamouli is the first director who wished to start the shoot in these tensed coronavirus conditions. His next film RRR needs to be lavish in every frame and it needs hundreds of crew members on the sets on a regular basis. A trial shoot of the film will be conducted and it is pushed by a week as of now. But there are bigger challenges for the top director in this coronavirus season.

Alia Bhatt is not ready to join the sets anytime soon because of the huge rise in the number of coronavirus cases. She has a crucial role assigned and several combination scenes have to be canned with Alia Bhatt present. All these cannot be done without her arrival.

British actress Olivia Morris cannot land in India soon as the International flights are canceled. The actress is expected to take a call depending on the situation of coronavirus in India.

Ajay Devgn promised Rajamouli to be present on the sets whenever needed. This is a huge relief for Rajamouli for sure. The film’s lead actors NTR and Ram Charan too will be present on the sets as per the planned schedules.

With outdoor shoots almost stalled, the rest of RRR should be completed in special sets. The movie unit needs hundreds of workers to erect the sets which are not possible now. Without the sets, the shoot of the film cannot be completed soon.

Balancing all these, Rajamouli should personally take care of the release date of the film as RRR will have a pan Indian release. In this mad rush, RRR should get a solo release across the North Indian circuits to perform well.

The film is already delayed twice and the further delay will leave the producer in financial stress. Rajamouli is already working on business strategies and how to reduce the stress.

Following the government issued guidelines and shooting for a periodic drama is not an easy task. The efficient team of Rajamouli is working on this for some time.

With a bunch of challenges, we have to wait to see how Rajamouli completes the shoot in this crisis time. RRR may release during summer 2021 as of now.

A bunch of challenges for SS Rajamouli
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